Ideas For Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are among the most important parts of any house. They are seen as a reflection of the entire structure as well as the people living in it. You definitely want to keep things nice to avoid embarrassment when guests come around. If you are planning to sell the property soon, then bathroom renovations are in order to improve your chances of selling it at a good price. There are plenty of changes that can be made including the following:

Paint the Room White

These are typically very small spaces that are barely enough to accommodate one person. It can feel cramped in there. Make it feel more spaces using known visual tricks. For example, use white paint all over the walls. Something with a lighter hue will do if you are not fond of pure white. This will enable light to bounce around the room and give it an airy feel.

Let the Light In

You could also let natural light in to save on energy during the day. If it is feasible, then widen the window up top. You can always keep it closed or cover it with a curtain for privacy. This should also enhance air circulation and keep things smelling fresh. Another trick is to use translucent tiles or thick frosted acrylic sheets for parts of the outer wall.

Add Storage Spaces

Lessen the clutter by having designated storage spaces for each type of item. Install cabinets on the wall where it is easy to reach up to the top. Be sure to organize things and to keep them clean. This will reduce the need to place everything on the sink where they often get wet and drop down to the bottom. You might consider adding fixtures on which to hand towels and clothes as well.

Advice from Jos @ Latand Bathrooms: