Gift Hamper Contents

How to Preserve the Goodies in a Gift Hamper

Receiving a gift hamper can be a very exciting event, especially if yours has been jam packed with tasty snacks and useful goodies. As unlikely that it might be for any treats to be left over after you and your family have jumped right into the action, there’s always the chance that there might be a little something left over.

When these events arise, you might find yourself wanting to preserve the consumable products for as long as possible. Most hamper making companies will use the freshest products and ingredients in their gift hampers and if there’s one thing that can be said about these types of goods; it’s that they won’t be staying fresh for long.

The last thing that you’ll want is for your goodies to go stale, so here’s a quick guide on how to best protect certain types of food.

Chocolates and sweets

The sugar content within these treats can help to keep them preserved for weeks at a time, but as soon as bacteria starts to take hold, it won’t be long until the entire surface starts to suffer. Fridges are the best bet, or at the very least airtight containers that are stored in cool, damp-free locations will suffice.

Alcohol and soft drinks

Whether you’re hoping to savour the flavour, or just store your drink for another event – there’s no more effective way that with a tight lid and a damp corner. The lower underground, the better the preservation will be and this is why many people utilise cellars when storing bottles of alcohol. As long as the bottle can be kept uninterrupted, the chemicals within will be enough to preserve themselves. Soft drinks on the other hand are a different story and should simply be kept within a fridge, but preserving them for longer than a few days won’t always be possible.