Glass Replacement

Let’s face it; glass is great. We’re not talking about that old, weak stuff that you’ll find in listed buildings – we’re talking about the new, tempered alternative that can provide years of functionality and enjoyment for you and your entire family.

These days, modern glass is designed to last for decades and in many cases it will; but because of its brittle nature it can be prone to suffering with damage from time to time. If left untreated, this damage can quickly turn dangerous and our team here at Glass Repair Melbourne have heard more than a few horror stories about those that have come face to face with broken glass.

But worry not – our glass replacement options are some of the highest quality around and if you’re fed up of looking at a chip, a crack, a split, or even thousands of pieces of glass all over your home or office, then we are here to help.

What Options Are There?

You might be surprised to learn this, but not all broken glass will need to be replaced. What’s that? Madness, you say? Okay, well please allow us to explain.

If your windows have suffered with a small chip or a minor crack, then we might actually be able to repair them for you, saving you a lot of cash when compared to having to have your glass replaced and refitted.

That’s the first option and it’s a bloomin’ good one if you ask us. We’ll inject a resin formula into the damage in most cases – and once it dries hard it can last for years, whilst strengthening the structural integrity of your windows.

And what about replacement options?

Ah, well this is where things get really interesting.

If your window really does suffer with damage beyond repair, then the only option might be to have a replacement panel fitted.

And this is where your options start to make themselves known.

First up, you could opt for double glazing. If you already had double glazing fitted, then we will be able to check the alignment of your window frames to make sure that they won’t put any additional pressure on your new panels.

You could opt for a single pane that’s been heat treated and tempered on the other hand – offering a much stronger, often more resilient panel of glass within your home.

Then there’s the option to choose a brand new frame altogether, which can be particularly beneficial if you fancy an update to the look and feel of your home (or commercial property). The great thing about our window replacement options is that we can address the entirety of the construction; from the frame right through to the insulation rubber that’s fitted around the edge of each window panel.

To learn more about your window replacement options, for a quote, or to chat with one of our friendly glaziers – just visit the team at and we’ll make sure to look after you.