Swimming Lessons for Kids

For most parents, few things in life can rival the joy of seeing your kid take the first steps to walk on their own. However, enrolling your child in swimming lessons will not only benefit them in many ways but can provide you with peace of mind as well. In as much as kids love water, pools, ponds, and lakes; they can be dangerous places for children. In the past decade, there have been over 3000 fatal drownings among children aged 14 and below annually. That’s 3000 reasons to why your young ones should learn how to swim.

Swimming as a life-saving skill

There’s only one sure-fire way of minimising the risk of drowning and submersion injuries in children, and that is by enrolling them in swimming classes. You’ll more confident as a parent knowing your kids can swim out of trouble or at least float until help arrives.

Swimming is fun

Water; be it in a pool, beach or bathtub is a magnet for kids. However, your kids will enjoy the pool, beaches, and other water-related venues more if they know how to swim. Pools and beaches are also great places for your kids to meet, interact and make new friends with other kids.

Swimming is a healthy workout

Swimming is not just fun but offers plenty of health benefits as well. Your kids will benefit from improved flexibility and strength as well as increased stamina. Swimming also ensures the healthy development of a child’s lungs and heart.

Swimming as a confidence booster

Learning new skills builds confidence in kids. By taking on swimming classes, children learn how to overcome obstacles and get to experience first-hand the joy of accomplishing challenging tasks. This experience makes kids believe in their abilities thus helping them to become self-confident as they grow.

Swimming as a gateway to a rewarding career

While swimming is enjoyable for both kids and adults, it can also open a host of other rewarding opportunities. It’s no secret that most Olympic swimmers and swim instructors learn how to swim at a very young age. Your kids could follow in the footsteps of iconic swimmers by honing their swimming skills early on. A swimming background also opens the doors to other activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, surfing, triathlon, and canoeing.

Choosing a swimming school

Before enrolling your kids in any swimming school its essential that you first visit the school first and have a look at their curriculum. You can learn a lot about the school by just observing how the instructors interact with the kids. Brooke Withers Swim School has a curriculum that goes hand in hand with the child’s level of skill. Secondly, as a parent, it’s important to find out if the instructors have the expertise and patience to handle kids within a certain age bracket.