Making a Business with T Shirt Design Services

Creative design services are some of the most popular in Australia and with graphic designers offering a variety of features for companies to choose from, it’s no wonder why so many agencies are hiring them. But what about those designers that want to go it alone and put their capabilities to uses in ways that many others overlook?

Well, that’s where the option to sell unique designs comes into the fray. Rather than offering creative services to businesses, a designer could instead create their own works of art and then have them featured on shirts, caps and other items of clothing. Not only is this a great way to promote skills – it’s also a fantastic way to get to create uniquely compelling garments that can be worn by people from all walks of life.

How to set up as a t shirt design service

The first thing that a designer will need to do is to find a suitable printing company. There are dozens online and finding one that prioritises quality, turnaround times and affordability can be the best way to go. Next, the designer will need to create a range of their own artwork and then have it printed by their chosen company.

Alternatively they could modify their services to reflect a ‘made to order’ system; where the designer will place an order, whenever their customer does so on their own website. This can be a little more time consuming however, so it makes more sense to purchase a variety of shirts and other printed apparel and then stock up on it – ready to distribute each piece when needed.

If the designer doesn’t use their own website, then they could instead rely on platforms like Instagram and Etsy to promote their products and make sales. Whichever method is chosen; as long as the printed results are of the highest quality and the garments can be delivered on time, then there’s no reason why a designer couldn’t reap the rewards of a successful creative business.