UPD Edge – Self Defense

Learning Personal Defence from the Experts at UPD Edge

With governments around the world cracking down on their citizens and restricting the use of weapons and other forms of protection; more and more people are turning to the potential of self defence in an effort to keep themselves (and their families) safe.

Personal self defence has never been more important; in fact, the ability to defend yourself in the face of an assault, criminal activity and even terrorism has never been more important.

And fortunately, UPD Edge – one of Melbourne’s leading self defensive studios – is on hand to offer training, support and guidance in the face of adversity.

Who Are They?

Founded by Vincent Busuttil, an expert-level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu trainer, and his colleagues Teresa and Stuart, the team set about introducing a unique take on often outdated martial art practices.

Their techniques have quickly become recognised as some of the most effective and students flock from far and wide to learn them – whether they hail from experienced backgrounds or are complete beginners.

What Do They Teach?

The name of the brand (UPD Edge) stems from the term Ultimate Martial Arts (UMA) and is a derivative in many more ways than just the terminology.

Teaching a host of martial art techniques to encourage victims to learn how to turn the tide on an attacker, or defend themselves from harm is a top priority for the team – and it’s a task that they approach with as much passion as they have knowledge.

What Led to the Establishment of UPD Edge?

After realising just how vulnerable people were becoming when it came to defending themselves, Vincent decided that now was the time to start offering his expertise to the wider public.

With knife crime on the rise and alcohol fuelled assaults getting worse as the years go by, he wanted to introduce an effective way for people of all ages to maximise their safety at home or while out and about.

Using the advanced practices developed by American self defence expert Tony Blauer, Vincent realised that one of the leading causes of injury during assault was a delayed response.

And this led to him focusing his efforts on helping his students to train their brains to react far more efficiently than the untrained mind.

The S.P.E.A.R, or spontaneous protection enabling accelerated response system, was the ideal candidate for Vincent’s teachings – and this is the unique selling point that makes the dojo such an appealing destination for people throughout Australia and the wider world as a whole.

Students won’t just learn how to defend themselves using some of the most advanced techniques; they will also develop an instinctive skill to act without delay; allowing their minds to control their actions in an effective and often devastating manner (for the attacker).

There’s no service quite like this one when it comes to self defence – and anyone hoping to book a session can do so with a quick phone call or via email instead.